Rindala Beydoun on Sawt El Ghad Australia

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Change Has Started … What is Nahwal Watan?

A news report summarizing Nahwal Watan’s goals, vision and strategy on Al Jadeed TV. You can watch the report on the link below.


Ali Abdel Latif and Rindala Beydoun on Sar el Wa2et on MTV Lebanon

After their banners took over the streets, who are “Nahwal Watan”?

What is “Nahwal Watan” planning?

Ali Abdel Latif announcing Nahwal Watan movement on “Beirut Al Yawm” at MTV

Rindala Beydoun on “Beirut Al Yawm” on MTV

Firas Abi Nassif on “Nharkom Said” on LBCI

An interview with Firas Abi Nassif on the LBCI, in which he discussed the investigations of the Swiss authorities regarding the central bank, restructuring the banking sector, and necessary reform measures that the state does not implement.

Rindala Beydoun on “20-30” on LBCI

Rindala Beydoun confirmed on “20-30” show on LBCI that the revolution has moved to the second stage, which is organizing and preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections. She announced that she belongs to a moderate centrist platform preparing an alternative to the current authority.